Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission – A Gravity Review

Gravity Poster

I watched Gravity weeks ago and meant to watch it a second time before writing up a review for it. Unfortunately I had to head home to lay my puppy to rest, which meant I had to cancel my second viewing and delay my review. So, now that my life is returning somewhat to normal, what did I think about the film that many have been labelling “movie of the year”?

Ryan Stone (played by Sandra Bullock) is a medical engineer who has been sent to help a crew of astronauts complete the repairs on a satellite orbiting the earth. Accompanying Ryan is Matt Kowalski (played by George Clooney), a veteran astronaut who will soon be retiring, and a few other crew members. Things go wrong when debris from a Russian satellite hits their shuttle, leaving them stranded without a way to get back to Earth.

The Good

  • The visuals are MIND BLOWING (the technical aspects of this movie alone are a good enough reason to go see it)
  • Tension is maintained from beginning to end
  • Great sense of immersion
  • Good performances from both Clooney and Bullock

The OK

  • Fairly simple story
  • Bullock’s performance is not as mind blowing as some reviewers have been making it out to be…
  • … and I felt Clooney’s character/performance was far more interesting
  • Technically inaccurate (from what I’ve read) despite claims otherwise

The Bad

  • Some of the emotional moments feel a bit hammy

Movie Opinion

The long and the short of it is Gravity is a very good movie. It’s easily in my top 10, maybe even in my top 5 movies released this year, but it’s not my number one movie of the year. If I were only able to choose one movie as movie of the year, it would be Rush. Quite simply, Rush had everything I would ever want from a movie. But I’m not going to harp on about it though, you can read my review if you want to find out more about it.

Now there’s been a lot of hate for Gravity online (Youtube and IMDB users, I’m looking at you). Most of the criticisms have been horribly exaggerated, but at least part of the hate is (somewhat) justified. Some people who know the science behind space and how it works have said that the movie is a load of trash because it doesn’t accurately depict what happens out in space. A lot of people have been extremely critical of its basic plot (which is something I do agree with, to a lesser degree). These are both valid points, but I honestly don’t know what people expected from this movie. Did people expect 2001? Event Horizon? At absolute worst, I can describe Gravity as a tense, gripping, rollercoaster ride, and that would still put it miles ahead of a lot of the movies I’ve watched this year.

Overall, Gravity is a highly entertaining sci-fi film with some amazing visuals, and great sense of “being there”. Do not watch this movie if you were/are:

  • an astronaut
  • a scientist who studies physics and/or other space related fields
  • someone looking for a deep and complex plot (it tries in this regard, but it felt forced in places)

2 thoughts on “Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission – A Gravity Review

  1. This is the problem I had. Not a bad movie if it had enough humility to accept its strengths and leave the unchecked boxes, unchecked. Trying to push the emotion card was a cop out when it had so much else going for it. Not movie of the year, but yoh, I was stressed all the way through and catching my breathe long after the credits rolled.


    1. Yeah. The first person shots were particularly good and really made you feel like it was you there.

      And if you like thrillers you should check out Captain Phillips (which I would rate as a better thriller than Gravity). I watched it last night and damn, it was INTENSE!


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