Geek Out! 7th Cosplay Picnic at the Kirstenbosch Gardens

Group Shots (1)

This last Saturday was the 7th Cape Town Cosplay Picnic at the Kirstenbosch Gardens. I had missed the last one and was not planning on missing the final one for this year. After a gruelling one hour walk uphill in the midday heat I finally made it. It didn’t take me too long to find the cosplayers (Hey, have you seen any people dressed up as samurai or anything like that? Thanks!) and find a group of awesome people to settle down with.

A little while later the organisers got everyone seated and introduced all the cosplayers who wanted to come up and show off all the hard work they’d put into their costumes.



There was a slight change this time around since the organisers decided to switch from bingo to a raffle. The gifts were donated or sponsored and all proceeds from the raffle went to the Uitsig animal shelter. I unfortunately didn’t win anything because I had no money to buy any tickets, and I didn’t too feel bad about not donating since I already support African Tails and Leaps. Also, one of the organiser’s friends was lucky enough to win two prizes! I know there was no nepotism involved but damn that dude was lucky!

Despite the event having somewhat of a slow start, by the end of the day a fair number of people had turned up to take part.



All in all in turned out to be a great success for the organisers, and it’s great to see the Cape Town cosplay community growing so quickly. While cosplay isn’t exactly my thing, I might be tempted to join in once I’m ripped enough to do a Scar cosplay justice. At least I won’t have to dye my hair at the rate that it’s going!

UPDATED: As promised, here’s the link for the Cape Town Cosplay group.

For those of you who are interested in attending the cosplay picnics, you can get all the latest updates by joining the Cape Town Cosplay group. Unfortunately I am not able to add the link at the moment but will be able to add it to this post tonight, so for now you can find the group by doing a search for “Cape Town Cosplay” on Facebook.


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