Geek Ink Updates: Write… words… blogging… stuff… this used to be so easy


So I’ve been trying to get back on the proverbial horse in regards to writing, but it feels like the damn thing keeps throwing me off. With the exception of the Saving Mr. Banks review, which I hope to have out today or Thursday (the Eminem concert is tomorrow so it definitely won’t be out then), all my longer pieces are either just sitting as empty shells waiting to be filled, or have had a few words written in them before being abandoned in favour of pretty much anything else.

It seems I’m in a general funk at the moment (which probably has something to do with my impending 30th birthday), and can’t seem to focus much on anything outside of part-time job. I’ve even done horribly at League of Legends recently and if it weren’t for the fact that I am subbing for a team in the Do Gaming League, I would seriously consider unplugging for a few days. Oh, not from my computer of course, just from the Internet. Pretty much everything I do in regards to work or play gets done on this machine, so it’s a bit hard to disconnect from it completely.

I’ve also only managed 3 workout sessions over the last two weeks, which is the minimum amount I usually do in one week. This has also left me feeling a bit down but for some reason I only think about picking those damn weights up when it’s already way past my bed time!

But yes, that’s my 2c regarding my own writing (or lack of it) over the last couple of weeks. Thankfully my dear friend Banzai has been sticking to his guns and has another review ready, which I shall be posting shortly.


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