This isn’t freedom. This is fear – A Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Captain America The Winter Soldier Poster

Just when I thought I was hitting superhero burnout thanks to the somewhat disappointing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, Marvel reveals an ace up their sleeve.

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, finds himself on his own two years after the events of The Avengers. He’s begun to adapt fairly well to modern life, although he feels like an outsider in present day society. Thankfully Shield are keeping him busy so he has little time to worry that. While on a mission, Cap accidentally discovers that there may be more going on at Shield than he expected, and that Shield may have some connection to an assassin known only as The Winter Soldier.

The Good

  • Great action
  • A very different type of movie compared to the standard Marvel film we’ve gotten used to watching
  • Feels very grounded
  • A story that’s (for the most part) really intriguing
  • Awesome performances, as expected from the star-studded cast
  • Extremely interesting and well developed characters (which is saying a lot considering how uninspiring Cap has been until now)
  • Lots (and I mean LOTS) of easter eggs and details that you’ll miss if you’re not paying attention
  • The film looks great

The OK

  • Some of the twists are genuinely surprising, others not-so-much
  • The shift in tone from a spy thriller to more of a typical Marvel super hero movie in the final act felt a bit awkward
  • There are also a couple of other moments and plot devices which I felt were out of place in a “spy” movie
  • The story is less about The Winter Soldier than you think it is

The Bad

  • Nothing so terrible that it leaps out at me

Movie Opinion

I didn’t really enjoy Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 that much. It seemed to me that Marvel was quite happy to stick to their established formula and as a result, their films were getting kind of stale. So when I heard about The Winter Soldier, I wasn’t really that interested in going to watch it.

But then I started to hear that Marvel had done something different with the Winter Soldier, and that it might just be one of their best films to date. Many people were saying that The Winter Soldier is so good that it can be placed alongside Iron Man 1 and The Avengers. And you know what? They’re right.

Marvel decided to change gears and bring us a spy/espionage film. Despite the fact that it’s set in a superhero universe, The Winter Soldier still feels very grounded and works surprisingly well. My one complaint is that you get so immersed in this espionage story, which just happens to have a few moments that remind you this is in fact a super hero movie, that when the film decides to go for the big Marvel finale, it can feel a bit jarring.

So if you haven’t seen The Winter Soldier by now, and have been put off by Marvel’s recent batch of formulaic films, just go watch it. Marvel has successfully managed to mix things up so that even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Captain America, you will undoubtedly enjoy this film. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they manage to pull this off again with Guardians of the Galaxy.


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