For the longest time I’ve been asking myself “How do I turn all this extra work I do into something profitable?”

I think that Geek Ink needs to grow beyond its simple writing roots in order to achieve this. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first phase in the development of the Geek Ink brand: the logo.

Geek Ink Logo
The Geek Ink Logo – If you have any crits, comments or any other kind of feedback, leave a comment here or on Facebook.

Tied into this next phase is the creation of my own unique t-shirts. I have found a printer than does digital prints and is reasonably priced, so I just need to get a couple of test designs done and see what the quality is like. Assuming the quality is good, I’ll get to work on a few other designs for public release. Of course this also allows me to shift Geek Ink into other areas such as Youtube (which I had originally planned to do under another name), comics (if I ever decide to release my strips in a zine or book format), and many other avenues.

But that’s it for now folks, I’m going to take a short break and then I’m going to get to work on this week’s strip. Hopefully I’ll be able to churn it out tonight. If not I may only post it on Friday, but we’ll see how things go.