Let’s go catch a spider – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster

Some reviewers said that this movie was as bad as the third Spider-Man film from the original trilogy. I’m here to say that while The Amazing Spider-Man 2 does unfortunately make a lot of similar mistakes to Spider-Man 3, they’re no where near as bad in this film. Yes, it does have some pretty big issues, but it also has some really, really cool moments that make this a movie worth watching.

Picking up shortly after the end of the first Amazing Spider-Man, Peter is still fighting crime as the smart-mouthed web slinger, but he’s dealing with the guilt of breaking the promise he made to Gwen’s father. This becomes a minor issue in his life when a villain named Electro appears. Electro has the power (dun-dun-tsh) to manipulate electricity and he has a bone to pick with our favourite wall-crawler. Another big problem appears when Peter discovers that his old friend Harry Osborne is back, and that he is afflicted by the same disease that killed his father, Norman Osborne.

The Good

  • Excellent action sequences
  • Some funny one liners
  • Great effects
  • Excellent performances from Emma Stone,  Andrew Garfield, Jamie Fox, and Sally Field
  • Great 3D (I loved the “Go Pro” Spider-Man scenes)
  • Great use of sound and music

The OK

  • Some really cheesy one-liners
  • Not so sure about casting Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborne (it wasn’t bad, he just wasn’t as good as James Franco in the original series)

The Bad

  • Multiple plot lines that could have been reworked to actually tell a single story
  • Emphasis on the wrong story at the start (considering how things turn out at the end)
  • The X-Men “tie-in” at the end was a complete let-down
  • Inconsistencies in regards to Electro’s abilities

Movie Opinion

TASM2 has some really great moments, but these really great moments are ultimately let down by the film’s complete lack of focus.  Things aren’t as bad as Spider-Man 3 (despite what some people may say), but if they’d reduced the number of characters, this could have been a really, really good movie. The problem is that you have the Electro storyline, the Parker’s storyline, the Harry Osborne storyline, the Oscorp/Sinister Six storyline… They could have removed at least of these two of these different plots and the film would have been much better for it. I can also see they didn’t want to retread a lot of ground that had already been covered in Sam Rami’s films, but the way they chose to avoid this problem is pretty bad.

Overall, TASM2 unfortunately it ends up being a fun, but quite flawed film.


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