Dawn of the Dead – Neca 7″ Hare Krishna Zombie Review – a guest post by BanzaiBoB

Dawn of the Dead Neca 7" Hare Krishna Zombie Review

For some reason, I find Hare Krishnas utterly hilarious. I have also become increasingly obsessed with zombies over the last few years. It should therefore come as no surprise that a zombie Hare Krishna fills me with utter glee!

Neca added this figure to their Cult Classics line in the early 2000s. It’s based on the appearance of said character (played by Mike Christopher) in the 1978 film “Dawn of the Dead”. The Hare Krishna zombie can also be seen in the 2004 remake. Sadly, I have yet to see either version of the film.


Dawn of the Dead Neca 7" Hare Krishna Zombie Review

The figure comes securely packed in the standard clamshell for this line. An image of the original movie poster illustrates the left side of the packaging, with the figure and accessories clearly laid out on the right. Only a single twisty tie needs to be removed to free our undead disciple. One thing I noticed when I got mine was that the glasses (which are loose) were broken in half at the bridge and rattling around in the blister. I made sure to open the packaging carefully so as not to lose the pieces. They were simple enough to fix with a spot of superglue and a touchup with some gold and black paint to sort them out.

Sculpting and Articulation

Dawn of the Dead Neca 7" Hare Krishna Zombie Review

The sculpt features some great work. The likeness to the actor in the film is excellent, although he does appear a little on the buck-toothed side. There are some really cool details, such as the prayer beads and scarf. He also has a tambourine hanging by his side. Unfortunately it isn’t removable. Mould marks are mostly unobtrusive. The only place they really stand out at all is on the sides of the robes, but these are pretty much hidden by the arms.

This figure dates back over a decade now, so it doesn’t have anything like the articulation Neca’s modern releases have. You get a ball jointed head/neck, ball jointed shoulders, swivel wrists, and legs cut somewhere under the robes. This limits the pose quite a bit. The zombie in the movie is supposed to have a broken neck, but you can’t quite angle the head enough to really get this across too well on the figure. He also can’t really do any real lunging type poses, as the arms look odd if raised too much.


Dawn of the Dead Neca 7" Hare Krishna Zombie Review

The paint work is quite simple, consisting mainly of orange robes and grey skin. This is accurate to the film images I’ve seen, but is a little dull. There’s nothing like the gore you see on modern zombies. He doesn’t even have any stains or blood on his robes. In fact, the only concession to grue of any kind is a bit of black paint on his fingers. The robes do have a nice cloth texture, and a simple fade up from the bottom adds some interest. Fortunately, the lighter scarf and the prayer beads help break up the large swathe of orange. The tambourine is a coppery colour with the cymbals picked out in silver, but is a bit rough in terms of finish.


Dawn of the Dead Neca 7" Hare Krishna Zombie Review

While he stands well enough on his own, the Hare Krishna zombie comes with a display base, which I believe represents the store room where he is encountered at one point in the film. The odd shaped base piece has a linoleum texture to it and includes a workshop lamp glued to the floor. You also get three large cardboard boxes of civil defense crackers (survival, all purpose). Each box is printed with details of the contents, civil defense logos, dates etc. Amusingly, the date on the boxes reads “May 1962”, so I guess these were probably originally intended to outlast a nuclear war. Lastly, the zombie’s glasses are a separate part. They have surprisingly clear lenses, so you can see his eyes through them. They fit perfectly and securely on his head, no doubt helped by the fact that he is pretty much bald, so there’s no sculpted hair to get in the way.


Dawn of the Dead Neca 7" Hare Krishna Zombie Review

Despite some limitations, I really dig this figure. It may be an old release, but it’s easily one of my all-time favourites, if for no other reason than it makes me laugh and I love showing people a figure of a zombie Hare Krishna. I just need a zombie hippy to go with him.

All together now: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare…


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