The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in their control and not the other way around – A Godzilla Review

Godzilla Poster

Let me be straight with you. The new Godzilla isn’t good. The thing is, it isn’t bad either. Unfortunately, it’s just very, very average.

Godzilla is the story of humanity struggling to survive against an ancient threat. Strange creatures from the dawn have time have awoken, and humanity is ill equipped to deal with their awesome power. However, one of the creatures seems to be hunting the others. Will his rampage stop after he’s killed the others, or will he then turn on humanity?

The Good

  • Great visual effects
  • Bryan Cranston dominates his scenes

The OK

  • The story is functional
  • Generic soldier protagonist
  • No terrible performances (considering this is a disaster/giant monster movie)
  • The payoff/climax is pretty good but…

The Bad

  • … it takes too long to get there (there’s way too much teasing)
  • Most interesting character doesn’t have as big a role as I would have liked
  • Certain characters could be cut completely from the movie (as one of my friends pointed out, at least one character completely fails the golden retriever test)
  • Would have been more interesting if they had developed Godzilla as a character
  • The pacing on the action is pretty bad
  • In an attempt to create a serious thriller, the movie misses out on multiple opportunities to actually create excitement
  • The trailer does mislead you a bit

Movie Opinion

So I was pretty excited for the new Godzilla, and in the end I was quite let down. I can see what the director, Gareth Edwards, was trying to go for, but he takes way too long to get to point. He also has a very poor understanding of action, which is a large part of what makes these movies so great. The ending is pretty good, but the build up to get there is actually quite painful at times.

Overall, I would say Pacific Rim is still the giant monster movie to go watch because, despite all its flaws, it knows how to have fun. Heck, I would even say that if you want to go watch a current big blockbuster, go watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which has gotten a “rotten rating” of 53% on Despite all of TAS2’s flaws, it has some really, really great moments, which is something Godzilla definitely lacks.



2 thoughts on “The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in their control and not the other way around – A Godzilla Review

    1. I was honestly expecting more action. While I appreciate the idea of the “tease” in order to build something up, I felt they needed to give us a bit more excitement earlier in the movie.


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