Live. Die. Repeat – An Edge of Tomorrow Review

Edge of Tomorrow Poster

I was really disappointed when I found out South African cinema goers would have to wait an extra week to see Edge of Tomorrow. I was really excited to see this movie, since it had been more than two weeks since my last good cinema fix. My disappointment disappeared when I found out that there was a pre-screening happening this weekend, but returned again when I discovered the pre-screening was happening at the tiniest 2D screen at Kenilworth center. I debated whether or not I should just wait for it to hit the 3D screens at Cavendish, but since I had nothing better to do I decided to go check it out anyway.

I’m glad I did because it’s good. Scratch that, it’s great. It’s better than X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I’ve already watched that twice.

Edge of Tomorrow is based on the Japanese light novel All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. From what I’ve read about the book, the film is mostly based on the concept of the novel, and does make significant changes to some of the characters and specific plot elements, so if you’re going in expecting the movie to be a a close translation of the book you’re going to be disappointed. With that out of the way, on with the story.

In Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise plays the role of Major Cage, a cowardly officer who’s being sent to the front to record the events of the human counterattack as they unfold. Major Cage is a pencil pusher with no actual combat experience, so when his squad hits the ground he soon finds himself completely overwhelmed. After he dies on the battlefield he suddenly wakes up back at the base the day before the invasion. He wonders if it was all a dream but soon discovers that he is trapped in some kind of time loop that resets every time he dies. Major Cage must figure out why he’s reliving the same day over and over so that he may escape it.

The Good

  • Awesome effects
  • Surprisingly funny
  • Heart pumping action
  • The female lead is not your typical damsel in distress
  • The movie has more heart than you expect it to
  • Very clever editing
  • Interesting and clever concept that’s incredibly well executed
  • Great performances from Cruise and Blunt, who clearly have good on-screen chemistry
  • Cruise plays a character that’s very different from his usual action hero roles (at least at the beginning of the movie)
  • Combines multiple film genres incredibly well
  • Shift in tone/genre in the third act of the film has you on the edge of your seat until the movie finale

The OK

  • I’m a bit torn with regards to the ending (it’s still good but tends to be a bit too “Hollywood”)
  • Minor niggle with how the aliens work and how it ties into the story

The Bad

  • It ends
  • All You Need is Kill is a much cooler title than Edge of Tomorrow
  • There are a few plot holes

Movie Opinion

I caught X-Men: Days of Future Past a couple of weeks ago, but there was a moment near the end that really had me scratching my head. Regardless, it’s still a great movie which I thought was going to be my number one movie for 2014. And then Edge of Tomorrow came along.

While both of these films are incredibly good, I feel that Edge of Tomorrow is a better film mostly due to how it handles the time travel aspects of the film. The time travel “works” because the concept is simple so there aren’t going to be any “What about…?” moments in Edge of Tomorrow (I’m going to watch the movie again later this week, so I may pick up something then).

I also have to make specific mention of the movie’s lead, Mr Tom Cruise. A friend of mine regularly gives Tom Cruise flak since all of his recent movies have him portraying the same type of character, with a few minor tweaks here and there. The character arc for Cage (Tom Cruise’s character) in this movie is notably different from most of the roles that he’s played recently, and was incredibly refreshing to see on screen.

I have to admit that I haven’t seen too many of Emily Blunt’s films, but she’s absolutely great as Rita. The last film I watched with her in it was Looper, also another great sci-fi film, but I’m really surprised I haven’t seen more films with her in it. I’m definitely going to find the time to check out some more of her work.

Really, Edge of Tomorrow completely surpassed all my expectations and then some. I can’t wait to go catch it again later this week.



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