A man who kills without reason cannot be reasoned with – A How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

How to train your dragon 2 poster

The surprise hit of 2010 has spawned a sequel that has me wondering “Is this better than The Lion King?”

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is set 5 years after the first movie. The people have Berk have settled into their daily lives with their dragon friends and everyone is happy.

Sort of.

Hiccup is now a young man who loves exploring with Toothless, but his father wants him to settle down and prepare for his life as chief. Hiccup’s not sure if he’s chief material and tries to avoid dealing with his potential succession. This becomes less of an issue for Hiccup when he accidentally stumbles upon dragon trappers. They work for a man called Drago, who’s trying to capture dragons so he can build a dragon army.

The Good

  • It’s so beautiful
  • Great 3D
  • The flying scenes
  • Amazing action sequences
  • Really strong emotional themes
  • The voice acting is exceptional (particularly from Gerard Butler)
  • It’s pretty funny
  • Nicely expands the universe they started building in the first film without breaking any of the rules they set up
  • The characters feel like they’ve grown naturally between the two films (I’m thinking specifically about Kung Fu Panda 2 which I still feel has a strange disconnect from the first film)
  • So many scenes that just really, really, hit home (this movie doesn’t seem to pull any punches)

The OK

  • Some of the main characters from the first film feel a bit sidelined, since the themes of the story focus more on family and responsibility
  • It feels like there’s a couple of scenes missing from the final act (the things that they might have shown would have probably been too much for a kids film, even if it would have made it a much stronger movie)
  • The villain feels a bit underdeveloped
  • Might peak emotionally a bit too early

The Bad

  • It ends

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