Game of Thrones – Funko 6″ Ned Stark Review – a guest post by BanzaiBoB

Funko 6" Ned Stark

Eddard Stark (Ned to his friends) is the head of the Starks of Winterfell and Lord of the North. For a time he is Hand of the King to his friend Robert Baratheon, but falls foul of the Lanisters after Robert is killed in an accident and the Queen’s son from an incestuous relationship – the nasty little turd Joffrey – ascends to the throne. That he came to a sticky end in the first season of the TV adaption should be a surprise to exactly no-one, what with the somewhat unfortunately type-cast Sean Bean having been given the role.

This figure is part of Funko’s new Legacy range. Better known for novelty bobbleheads and POP vinyls, the Legacy figures are fully-articulated, detailed action figures. Released in the US with little fanfare earlier this year as an exclusive to Barnes & Noble stores, they went into general retail a month later, and by all accounts have been rather popular with collectors. There are six figures in the first series, with a second series of six coming soon.


Funko 6" Ned Stark

Ned arrived in a solid, reusable box, securely nestled in a clear plastic insert. Three twisty-ties held him in place and these were dealt with using wire cutters. The Game of Thrones Legacy boxes are similar to those used for Hasbro’s Star Wars Black 6” figs (the figures are the same scale), but are a little bigger. A large window lets you see the figure and its accessories clearly, so you can check for paint issues etc if you’re buying the figures in-store rather than online. Each box is a different colour depending on the characters allegiance, and features a related sigil. Ned’s box is a grey-brown colour, and has the Stark dire-wolf on it. Each box is also numbered – number 6 in this case. There’s an image of Ned on the back of the box as portrayed in the show.

Of note is the terribly pungent smell that exudes from the figure once released. It takes a good week or more of airing out for the strong plastic smell to begin to dissipate. I experienced this pong with the other three GoT figures I also have.



The first batch of these figures had a number of quality control issues, mostly thanks to the use of clear plastic – which is notoriously brittle – for the joints. The one’s I ordered were guaranteed to be from the second production run, and while one of the other figures suffered a broken wrist peg, Ned hasn’t had any problems (insert obligatory “except for the head falling off” joke).

The figure is 6” tall. This is slightly smaller than the 7” figures you get from Neca, but still preferable to McFarlane’s 5” Walking Dead figures. The face is decent enough, but I don’t really see the likeness to Sean Bean that some do. I think the face should be a bit thinner and more oval. The likeness is a bit better at some angles than others, but it’s not quite right. The hair and stubbly beard are well represented though.

The rest of the sculpt is mostly clean, if a bit soft. Details such as the Hand of the King pin really could be sharper, for example, but as this is a relatively simple figure in appearance, he mostly passes. This version of Ned wears the clothes he wore while at court in King’s Landing. The main feature is his large, padded gambeson. The leather texture is very well represented here and it’s covered in little studs. Mine had some damage to the left side where the soft rubber seems to have torn slightly when being pulled from the mould. He also wears a large sword belt and sheath which have good detail on them, though the included great sword doesn’t fit in it properly.

Funko 6" Ned Stark


Most of the figure’s joints were a bit stiff initially and paint had gummed up the wrists a bit, but most loosened up easily enough with some careful moving around. Ned has a ball & socket head, ball-joint shoulders, ball-joint elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball-joint hips, thigh cuts, ball-joint knees, ball-joint ankles, and ankle rockers. This little lot allows for a good range of poses. The figure is well balanced and stands solidly even in more action oriented poses.

Funko 6" Ned Stark


Most of the figures in this range get at least one accessory, whether sword, axe, or dragon. Ned matches The Hound as he gets two swords: a regular broad sword and the much more massive “Ice”. They look good but are a bit roughly cast. Running a finger along the blades reveals quite scraggly edges. Also a large ejector pin mark (metal pins are used to push the pieces out of the moulds) is visible on Ice’s hilt.

Funko 6" Ned Stark


The paint apps are overall quite reasonable, but are a bit thick in places. Ned’s face is decent enough. The eyes are nicely detailed, and both are aligned perfectly. The figure is mostly basic brown, red-brown and dark brown, but buttons, studs etc are picked out in metallics. One thing I don’t agree with is the metallic drybrushing used to highlight the gambeson. The real garment doesn’t have metal in it. It’s a padded tunic, so a light leathery colour would have been better here. The hand pin hasn’t quite been painted correctly and there’s a bit of a gap in the gold. The paint on the wrist joints has also chipped off the clear plastic. Both sword blades aren’t finished properly, with the silver ending before the hilts. The trim could also be applied better.



I’m a huge fan of the show, and these figures definitely scratch my collecting itch. They’re not perfect, but are far from terrible. Considering they’re Funko’s first go at action figures, I’d say they’re actually pretty damn good, and I will happily be collecting more of them (I also have Jon Snow, The Hound and a White Walker so far).

The best part is, Funko’s Legacy range is already expanding. Next up are Magic: The Gathering figures (which look great), and a Firefly set is expected at the end of the year (which I will be buying each and every figure of, hands down). Can’t wait.


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