“When life gives you lemons, draw faces on those lemons and wrap them in a blanket. Ta-daaa! Now you have lemon babies.” A Gravity Falls Review

Gravity Falls review

I stumbled upon Gravity Falls entirely by accident. I was watching a Mojo Top 10 Video about the Ten Hated Disney Cartoons when this show popped up on their list. They describe the negative characteristics of the show as being “dark” (I like dark), “stereotypical” (stereotypes can be great if you have fun with them), and “inappropriate for kids” (have they ever seen Adventure Time?). By the time they were done saying why you shouldn’t watch the show, all I was thinking was “Man I need to get my hands on this show.” And so I did.

And it is awesome.

Side note: in Mojo’s defence they have since added a note to the video saying that people voted for this show to be on the list. However, since they aired the video a large amount of people have said this show was fantastic and shouldn’t be on this list at all, so they will be addressing this in an upcoming video.

Gravity Falls Mystery Shack review

Gravity Falls is the story of two twins, Dipper and Mabel, who go to live with their Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls during their summer vacation. Their Great Uncle Stan runs a tourist trap called The Mystery Shack with his two employees Soos and Wendy. Soon after arriving in Gravity Falls Dipper begins to realise that there’s something unusual about this town, and that it may have many, many secrets.

The Good

  • Ah man, it’s so funny! (seriously, even my mother was laughing)
  • The animation is good (sadly not classic 90’s good)
  • Excellent voice acting
  • I laughed so much
  • Well developed and interesting characters
  • Has a great time playing with the “Twin Peaks-esque” setting
  • Intriguing stories (some of which actually weave together so that you have a larger story that continues through the entire series)
  • Actually addresses some pretty adult issues, like growing old, and falling in love
  • Did I mention that it’s funny?

The OK

  • May be a bit too off beat for some (it’s nowhere near as weird as Adventure Time if you’re wondering)
  • It’s kind of dark, but if my mother can watch it I doubt most people will have issues with it

The Bad

  • Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Series Opinion

I watched at least two to three episodes of this every day. Then I had my last wisdom tooth out, which gave me the perfect opportunity to marathon the rest of the show.

And now I’ve started to watch reruns.

Yeah, you could say I like this show.


4 thoughts on ““When life gives you lemons, draw faces on those lemons and wrap them in a blanket. Ta-daaa! Now you have lemon babies.” A Gravity Falls Review

  1. I’m surprised that you haven’t heard or seen this show yet, it’s pretty damn awesome. It has quite an impressive voice cast as well!


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