In Hollywood, you just kind of fail upwards – An Evening with Kevin Smith Review

An evening with Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith talks about a variety of subjects, and then finds a way to make a dick joke about almost every single one of them.

An Evening with Kevin Smith is part comedy show, part documentary, that’s put together from various lectures Kevin Smith gave at several US universities.

The Good

  • It’s incredibly funny, even if 90% of it is dick jokes (prudish people who are offended by dick jokes may want to move this to The Bad section)
  • Insightful views regarding religion, Hollywood, and life in general (but remember, it’s still mostly jokes that involve male genitalia somehow)
  • Kevin Smith may not be the world’s greatest director, but you cannot deny the guy has charisma and screen presence
  • Kevin has some great (weird) stories that only Hollywood could provide

The OK

  • It’s less about movies than you’d expect

The Bad

  • It ends

Overall Opinion

This documentary took me completely by surprise. I was expecting it to be interesting (I do like a fair amount of Kevin Smith’s work) but this documentary offered way more than that. Kevin Smith talks about love, life, movies, and of course, dicks, and had me engrossed from start to finish, which is quite an accomplishment considering the 244 minute run time of this documentary. Be sure to check this out if you’re a fan of Kevin Smith, or just a fan of strange and funny stories.


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