Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here – An Interstellar Review

interstellar poster movie review

Interstellar is an ambitious film that’s successful and engaging in many ways. Unfortunately when it’s not successful, I felt like I was watching parts of a Shyamalan film.

Set in the future, humanity is having to deal with a plague that is slowly wiping out all of Earth’s crops. The last remaining crop, corn, is unaffected, but who knows how long that will last. In order to save the people of Earth, man must look to the stars.

The Good

  • As you’d expect from such a stellar cast, the performances in this movie are all good (special mention has to be made for Matthew McConaughey, even if he was just channeling Matthew McConaughey, and MacKenzie Foy, whose performances really draw you into the emotional core of this film)
  • Great visuals (but in all honesty if you’ve seen Gravity you won’t see anything that new here)
  • Despite the almost 3 hour run time, the film is thoroughly engaging throughout (I had to go pee about 2 hours into the film and ran all the way to the bathroom and back)
  • Intellectually engaging, and tries to convey some very complicated ideas that are very difficult to communicate through film (if nothing else the film made me go “I really should read up more on this subject)
  • A stark, desolate future, that seems incredibly possible
  • Some interesting, deep, and complex characters
  • Very well paced
  • Trailers that don’t give away the entire plot of the film

The OK

  • How a lot of things tie together in this film (happens in just about every Shyamalan movie) – occasionally I am not always convinced by the way certain things unfold in this film, and there’s at least one scene for me where I was going “ehhhh, I’m not sure if I buy that”
  • Apart from Murph and Cooper, you don’t really engage with the other characters as much as you should, probably due to the almost throwaway nature of some of them

The Bad

  • There’s nothing so terrible about this film that would make me say don’t go watch it, but this undoubtedly one of those films where I will say “just go with it”, because if you start to question the way the narrative unfolded there will undoubtedly be a lot of plot holes (this is something that often happens in sci-fi movies that deal with this sort of subject material)
  • Also another warning to people who aren’t hardcore sci-fi fans: this is not sci-fi light (like Gravity), this movie tries to deal with a lot of complicated ideas, so if that’s not your bag you should probably stay away from this film
  • (Updated after my second viewing) Cooper’s son is a complete waste of a character, and the only reason he exists is to add a false sense of drama in the final act of the film

Overall Opinion

Interstellar is a hardcore science fiction film that will only appeal to science fiction junkies. A friend and I were unlucky enough to be stuck next to two ladies who clearly aren’t sci-fi fans and there were several times during the movie where they made it very clear that they weren’t enjoying the film. For those of you who do enjoy a good sci-fi film, you should give Interstellar a look. It has a few flaws, and a very long run time, but is still definitely worth your time.



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