Geek Ink Updates: A few new things over here at Geek Ink

So I’ve spent many hours this weekend giving Geek Ink a quick spring cleaning. I’m taking some more steps towards earning money off my work, but in order to do that, I had to sort out the things that were working, and the things that weren’t.

This meant some of my personal content, motivational posts, and creative writing would be hitting the archives. As good as some of it was, as Geek Ink has evolved over time, it’s definitely the geek content that has kept people coming back for more.

I also decided to recategorise a lot of my work. I ended up going with the following categories so that people could tell from a glance what kind of post it was:

  • Cool Stuff
  • Geek Out!
  • Geek Ink Thinks
  • Geek Ink Updates
  • Geek Ink Videos
  • Reviews/First Impressions

Cool Stuff will be content that I think is cool, but isn’t mine. It might be a cool animated short, or an article on how to become an awesome writer. It’ll help people identify the work I do and decide whether they want to help support me financially once I officially launch my monetisation plans.

Geek Out! will be all of the content I write about all the events I attend, be they cosplay picnics, comic book festivals, or plays. I am definitely going to make a much greater effort to cover more events in 2015.

Geek Ink Thinks will be all my longer, editorial style pieces.

Geek Ink Updates will be all my updates relating to my personal life and work, and how they affect Geek Ink.

Geek Ink Videos will cover my slowly growing library of Youtube content.

Reviews/First Impressions will remain unchanged from the way they are now.

As always, thanks for taking the time to pop by, and be sure to hit Subscribe in the menu on the right, or follow either of my twitter accounts on the left, to get the latest updates from Geek Ink.


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