Geek Out! Cape Town Cosplay Picnic 10

Cosplay Picnic 10 39

Here’s to three years of awesome cosplay!

The tenth Cape Town Cosplay Picnic was this weekend, and it was another successful event. This time around the organisers of the Cosplay Picnics decided to not just do just a raffle, or just a game of bingo, but both! There was a ton of awesome prizes including manga, vouchers, a hand crafted Totoro and a very, very cool Full Metal Alchemist wall scroll (I didn’t manage to get shots of people with their prizes but there are photos in the albums I will be linking at the bottom of the post) which some lucky people managed to get their hands on.

The costumes that people are coming up with are becoming more and more impressive, and I can’t wait to see what people have in store for Free Comic Book Day. Check out the photos below!

As with my last Cosplay Picnic post, I will be updating this post with links to other albums when I find them. It’s a pain to find anything old on Facebook, so I’ll be posting them here so that they don’t get lost in Facebook’s unsearchable archives.

Cosplay Picnic 10 Photos by Animated Meanderings (check out their Facebook page and website for more cool anime related stuff)

Cosplay Picnic 10 Photos by Infinite Focus (check out their Facebook page for more awesome photography)

Cosplay Picnic 10 Photos by Hadiyah Allie

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