Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back – A John Wick Review

john wick poster review

Holy shit! This movie is good!

John Wick is the story of a retired hitman who has recently lost his wife. All he has left is his dog, and his car. One day John stops to fill gas when a guy offers to buy his car. He tells the stranger that his car is not for sale and leaves. It turns out the buyer is Iosef, the son of a very powerful mobster and he thinks he’s invincible. He breaks into John’s house with two of his men, beats John up, kills his dog, and steals his car. When his father Viggo finds out, he calls in every available man to protect his son and to kill John Wick.

The Good

  • Keanu Reaves delivers an absolutely stellar performance (even though is an action flick, when it slows down you get to see one of the best performances of the year)
  • The action is incredibly visceral, and will have you writhing when it gets really intense
  • Kick ass choreography (it’s directed by a stunt man)
  • Some truly funny moments
  • Extremely well paced
  • Incredibly cool world that feels like it’s straight out of the pages of a well written graphic novel
  • Very well shot
  • From what I could tell, very little use of CG (if it could be done without computers, they did it without computers)
  • Some fantastic one liners, all delivered amazingly well
  • It keeps it simple

The OK

  • There is a lot of extreme violence (not for sensitive viewers)

The Bad

  • There’s only one moment where I go “Wait, why didn’t he…”

Overall Opinion

This is the best action thriller I’ve seen since Payback. If you like action movies, just go see it.

Only keep on reading if you don’t mind swear words nastier than shit.

Seriously, this movie doesn’t fuck around by trying to add unnecessary depth to what is a very simple revenge story. It gives you enough that by the 30 minute mark you are going “Yeah John, you go bury those fuckers who killed your dog!” And that’s all it needs. Definitely one of my favourite movies of 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back – A John Wick Review

  1. Hey,Buddy here. Thanks for the info,Keanu has always been a favorite of mine and not simply because he’s absolutely decadently yummy but he can act. I’m sure to watch it,sounds like my scene.
    Did you see Dracula yet? Son of the Devil. It was a superb movie,from the stunning wardrobe to the passion,anger,anguish and battle. Never thought I would enjoy a Dracula movie. Please let me know what you think of it.

    Keep it real,ciao.


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