You’re going to need some upgrades – A Big Hero 6 Review

big hero 6 poster review

Big Hero 6 won’t win any awards for ingenuity, but it’s definitely a very fun movie to watch.

Big Hero 6 is the story of Hiro, a young boy with a brilliant mind and a passion for robotics. A tragic event occurs which sees Hiro inherit Baymax, a health care robot. They soon discover a mysterious villain who is building an army of microbots and his plan to use them to attack the city. To make things worse, the microbots are based on Hiro’s designs.

The Good

  • Great animation
  • Great designs (San Fransokyo was awesome)
  • The relationship between Hiro and Baymax really is the emotional core of the film and is handled pretty well
  • Baymax is awesome (and yes, even I have the desire to give him a huge hug)
  • It’s damn funny
  • Also has a lot of cool Iron-Man-esque moments in it
  • Cool action
  • A movie that everyone in the family can enjoy
  • The short film Feast, which plays before the main feature, is very cute

The OK

  • Marvel needs to stop making the pacing of their movies the same (they are all written on the Save the Cat timing/structure and it’s getting very, very repetitive, even if it works)
  • It’s another superhero franchise, just aimed more at kids
  • The supporting cast are cool, but severely underdeveloped (an extra 30 minutes for supporting character development would have been great, but again, kids, short attention spans)
  • The villain felt a bit flat

The Bad

  • There is one key emotional moment that I felt was very rushed, and didn’t seem to work for me
  • The Iron Giant, which isn’t a superhero movie, but is also about the relationship between a young boy and a robot, is a much better film that deals with similar themes and has a very similar ending

Overall Opinion

Big Hero 6 has great action, comedy, and quite a bit of heart. I really enjoyed it, but at the same time, I was a little bit disappointed that it turned out to be another distinctly formulaic Marvel super hero movie, it just happens to be animated by Disney. Also, I wish the supporting cast had more screen time to properly develop their characters, especially considering how important they are later in the film. Still, despite it’s flaws it’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen and I highly recommend it (particularly if you’re a parent who struggles to stay awake during the typical kids movie). Also, there’s a pretty funny scene at the end of the credits, so be sure to stick around.


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