Geek Ink Thinks: Merry Christmas! And some news

I originally had this post written as a good news/bad news thing, but in the spirit of Christmas I decided to leave the bad news till next year. I’m also delaying the post because it affects a lot of South Africans and I want the post to be read, something that will not happen at this time of year since a lot of people will be on holiday.

So for now, on with the good stuff!

A few weeks ago I submitted two of my short film scripts to a local production company who were looking for locally produced (but not necessarily locally set) content. I got an e-mail from the producer involved a few days later to say he found my scripts “charmingly entertaining” and that they had both been long listed! Fingers crossed I make it through to the next round!

In the last few months I’ve also put a lot of effort into creating content and sticking to a schedule, and thanks to a couple of popular posts, I’ve managed to increase my monthly traffic from 1000-1500 hits, to over 2000 hits per month (3504 so far this month and counting). To put things into perspective, it took me almost 3 years to get 50 000 hits. Since I broke through the big 50, I’ve managed to crack another 11 000 hits in just under 4 months!

And I know the following is particularly nerdy, but I’m keeping up with much bigger “competing” sites on Google when it comes to SEO. For example, I covered the IMAX launch and have been regularly coming close to or ahead of other very popular local sites (I’m also on page one of Google for almost every related search, which is very, very important). These sites have teams of people, so considering Geek Ink is basically 1.5 guys I’m not doing too badly. Also considering I don’t spam my site with generic news articles (it’s extremely rare for me to post 5 times a week, let alone 5 times a day), I consider this a fairly good sign that people like my work which is helping boost my page rankings.

The sites that I am "competing" with are the ones in orange.
First page results for a few different variations on a search. The sites that I am “competing” with are the ones in orange. It seems I’m not so bad at this after all. Huzzah!

And that’s it for now folks. I will be taking a break until the 5th of January, and by break I mean I’ll be working on other stuff. I hope all of you fine folk have a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Time by ChocoboJeff on Deviantart. Click the image to see more of his art!
Christmas Time by ChocoboJeff on Deviantart. Click the image to see more of his art!

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