Wrong number! A PK Review

PK movie poster

I’d have said you were mad if you told me that one of the best films of 2014 would come from Bollywood. Well, it did, and considering the tragic events in Paris, its message couldn’t have come at a better time.

PK is the story of an alien who travels to Earth. Upon his arrival, a crook steals the remote control for his ship. PK finds himself trapped without a way to get back home, and so he journeys around India searching for God, the only being who can help him find it.

The Good

  • Exceptional performances, particularly from Aamir Khan as PK
  • Engaging characters who you really empathise with
  • At times really, really, tragic
  • Really funny without being overly crude (hey, I appreciate fine toilet humour as much as the next guy, but this movie’s jokes are, for the most part, really, really smart)
  • An excellent satire on organised religion
  • Has an emotionally moving story about a “man” simply trying to get home
  • Presents a well thought out argument, but without looking down upon people who are religious
  • It’s a Bollywood movie that manages to avoid going overboard with the singing and dancing

The OK

  • Move along

The Bad

  • Nothing to see here

Final Thoughts

PK first caught my attention when I saw the poster at the local cinema, but I’m not exactly a huge fan of Bollywood films (don’t assume anything just because I’m Indian). Most of the Bollywood films I’ve seen tend to have characters that are fairly two dimensional, and there’s way too much singing and dancing (and this is coming from a guy who likes musicals). The only Bollywood film I can remember enjoying was Singh is King, and that’s only because it doesn’t take itself at all seriously. So when a friend saw PK and told me it was well worth my time, I decided to go check it out, despite my previous experiences with Bollywood. By the time I left the cinema I was glad I gave this movie a chance because, it’s really, really, good.

PK is a religious satire that comes from one of the most religious countries in the entire world, and it presents its message fairly gracefully. It critiques religion without being condescending to the people who believe in God. The message that this film delivers is worthwhile one, and I encourage everyone to go see PK, regardless of your views on religion.


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