Geek Ink Thinks: How to improve League of Legends Ranked Season 5

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I wrote an article last year about how Riot Games could improve the ranked experience. It’s nice to see some of these changes have actually been implemented, but some have not. We’re here today to discuss what Riot Games needs to do to improve ranked in Season 5.

So what has Riot implemented since I last covered this subject?

  • Players can now drop tiers
  • Players can now only play with people one tier above or below them (this is not quite what I suggested, but it’s pretty close)
  • Placement matches will be more focused on your current skill level instead of being random matches between Bronze and Gold (if you haven’t played ranked before the old system will still apply)
  • Toxic players get a ranked ban until they have completed a certain amount of games and behaved properly.

And what could they do to improve the system?

Lower or no loss of League Points for teams with less players

Demoted league of legends
This has happened way too many times thanks to AFKs and trolls.

I’ve been playing a fair amount recently, and maybe it’s because the ranked reset is happening soon (it should have happened by the time this post is out), but more people are inclined to just join a game and then disappear. This combined with the way the game has been balanced means that if one player leaves, it’s almost always game over for the team with less players. Unfortunately, the way the system works is that it still scores players as if they had a five man team. That is honestly just some good, old-fashioned, bullshit.

The problem is that Riot is too scared to implement a solution for fear that it will encourage bullying since people will bully others into leaving. I’m sorry, the game has a mute system for people who harrass other players. The game has behaviour reports. The game has a lot of stuff to prevent people being dicks, and guess what? Some people are still dicks. Bullying happens already, so this excuse is weak.

The option to pause ranked games

League of Legends, paused
It’s already in the game. Just turn it on for other modes!

There have been plenty of times when someone just needed to pause because someone’s toaster (really slow pc) crashed. This is an option in custom games, why isn’t it enabled in ranked?

Again, Riot claims that people will abuse it, but guess what? It’s already in DOTA2, and it works perfectly well.

Ranked teambuilder

Teambuilder league of legends
Like this, but for ranked mode.

A lot of people specialise in a specific role, or more importantly, some people have no idea how to play other roles. Ranked teambuilder will allow the people with specialised skills queue up for the only role they can play.

Apparently this is already in the works, so maybe we’ll see it by the end of this year.

Informal ranked teams using the honour system

Teamwork would now mean that you'd like to play more games with this person.
Teamwork would now mean that you’d like to play more games with this person.

Have you ever met players in the game who you just magically synergised with and thought “Man, it would be great if I could play with these guys in the next game”. You could add these guys to your friend’s list but you’re still limited to duo queue.

My suggestion is this: the honour teammate option not only gives them a thumbs up, but also tells the ranked system that if this is a player you would like to play with in the future. That way, if both of you queue up for ranked at the same time, the system will attempt to put you on the same team.

Remove promo matches

promo matches meme league of legends

There’s no point to this anymore. Riot should just have a match countdown to let you know when you’ve close to the next tier on ranked. Promo matches are a pain in the butt and really just need to be scrapped.

Replay mode

League spectator mode
Apologies for the old version of the game, I couldn’t find a screenshot for the new Summoners Rift.

Apparently this was done and completed on the PBE for a while, but Riot doesn’t have the infrastructure to record and store the data for so many players games. Why they don’t just allow you to save replays to your own system, I don’t know, but this is probably one of those things that Riot never imagined they would need in the first place, so maybe to get it running requires that they recode a large chunk of their game?

If you have suggestions for League of Legends Season 5, be sure to add them to the comments section below!

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