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On the surface, it would appear that Riot is taking steps to deal with toxic behaviour. But there’s one problem they really don’t seem to care about.

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit unfair. While Riot has taken steps to reduce toxicity and bad behaviour in Summoners Rift itself, despite the cries from the community for years, they have still failed to deal with a huge problem. The problem of champ select trolls.

Now I’m not talking about guys who choose off-meta picks. I am talking about actual trolls. These are players who intentionally mess up the team composition by picking weird champions and weird summoner spells and openly admit to it. They either do it to force people to leave champ select so they lose League Points, or so that the game goes through and they can intentionally ruin the game for the other players.This has been a problem for years! Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look.

A standard google search brings up posts from January 2012! That’s over 3 years ago! And if you dig deeper, you can find posts from as far back as 2010. So needless to say, this is not a new problem.

So why the fuck am I still having to deal with childish fucking idiots 5 years after the problem was first identified?

Champ select trolls
This was the screenshot I sent to Riot Support. I’ve blocked out certain information here to comply with Reddit’s witch hunting rules. Karthus wasn’t trolling, but it seems that he was okay with playing with someone who is a complete dickhead.

Riot Games is the creator of the number one game on the planet (at this moment in time). Everyone knows they have the resources to deal with this problem, so why haven’t they? People have offered numerous solutions, such as a report button in champ select, or a vote kicking system. Riot is always hesitant to implement systems that can be abused, but time and time again other games have proven that the majority of players will not abuse the tools given to them if it will improve the player experience (see Dota2’s in game pause function).

So perhaps someone from Riot can tell me why this isn’t a feature yet, because at this point, it seems to me like they just don’t give a shit.