Geek Ink Updates: When it rains, it pours

The last two months of my life have been pretty surreal. (This is a brief rundown of all the drama, which thankfully seems to be in decline, so only read on if that’s your thing).

My regular readers and friends would know that the last two months of my life have been pretty stressful. For those of you who are popping by for the first time, or who may have missed my previous posts, here’s a very brief update:

    • both of my grans passed away
    • got bitten by an old lady’s dog while walking to work
    • had an encounter with the crazier elements of Harfield Village while trying to find out the dog’s innoculation status,
    • started to get tingling and pain in my very lightly wounded leg,
    • got told by a doctor that the pain and tingling was caused by stress
    • felt the tingling spreading and the┬ápain getting worse
    • eventually had another doctor diagnose that I actually had a viral infection that was affecting the left side of my body, which was most likely caused by the dog bite

Yeah… It’s been a bit crazy.

Thankfully I am starting to get better and the pain on my left side is mostly gone (touch wood)! My knee and ankle still occasionally ache but it’s definitely becoming less frequent. My left wrist also hurts (keep your minds out of the gutter) because I have a ganglion cyst which popped up while I was sick. Thankfully ganglion cysts heal on their own and mine isn’t too large so it’s not a big issue (pun intended). With things looking up, I am looking to get back into my Monday/Friday posting routine and am working on a review for the Microsoft 10.1 Nextbook, which I recently purchased because Eskom sucks. I am also working on more of my usual gaming/movie related content so watch this space!


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