My son, remember me in your stories and in your songs – A Song of the Sea Review

Song of the Sea Poster

A heartwarming and magical tale that’s easily amongst the best animated fantasy movies ever.

Song of the Sea is the story of a young Irish boy and his sister who live on a lighthouse island with their father and their dog. The boy, Ben, owns a shell which can be played like a flute, and which was the last gift he ever got from his mother. One day his voiceless sister, Saoirse (pronounced Sersha), plays the shell and soon after strange things start to happen.

The Good

  • Beautifully animated
  • Simple but well designed characters
  • The backgrounds are wonderfully painted and look like they’re straight out of a book
  • An amazing fantasy world (I’m not sure how much of it is based on traditional Irish fairy tales, but it seems a fair amount of it is)
  • Some incredibly deep and complicated characters who you truly empathise with
  • The feels! So many feels! (It’s incredibly moving for those of you who don’t do internet speak)
  • Perfectly designed soundtrack
  • Fantasy story in the Miyazaki mould (there’s one scene which was incredibly moving, and would not have felt out of place in a Studio Ghibli film)
  • Suitable for both adults and children

The OK

  • The ending raised a few questions that we never get answers to
  • The beginning might be a bit slow (but once you’ve gotten through the buildup the payoff is definitely worth it)
  • The heavy Irish accents take a little while to get used to, and some people may want to watch this with English subtitles on

The Bad

  • Nothing really

Final Thoughts

Song of the Sea is an emotionally deep and well animated movie. The story, while fairly simple, is well told and builds up to the climax very well. The characters are all well rounded, and things are never black and white. The only thing that bothers me is that the ending leaves you with some questions that the film never tries to address, but being a fantasy movie I guess you just have to go with it.



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