These burritos taste like failure – A Regular Show Review

Regular Show poster

I was chatting to a buddy of mine about TV shows, and he suggested I check out Regular Show. I told him I’d seen a couple of episodes on Cartoon Network and it didn’t really grab me. He promised me that it was a slow burner and that I really should give it another go. I decided to give season one a chance and four seasons later, I’m glad I did.

Regular Show is a show about the surreal lives of two slackers, Mordekai and Rigby, who work (or who pretend to work) at a park.

The Good

  • Great cast of weird and interesting characters
  • It’s highly entertaining (after you get through the very average first season)
  • It’s funny in a “holy cow did they just say that on a cartoon network show?” kind of way
  • Some episodes catch you off guard with a surprising amount of emotional depth
  • Shorter ten minute episode format suits the surreal stories perfectly
  • The show really grows on you as you learn more about the unusual folk who work at the park

The OK

  • Takes a while to get going (season one is 12 ten minute episodes and while they’re not bad, they’re not great either)
  • While the animation is never very bad, it’s never very good either
  • This show isn’t really smart, but as I said earlier, it’s a lot of fun

The Bad

  • There’s nothing really bad, but the tone and humor in this show will definitely not appeal to everyone

Final Thoughts

Regular Show is like that odd person who you didn’t really know that well, and hung out with anyway, only to discover a few years later that they’ve become your best friend. Definitely check this show out if you like eccentric television shows.


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