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Riot needs to actually provide feedback when we make reports against trolls and highly toxic players who go out of their way to disrupt their online game. They are more concerned with protecting the privacy of trouble makers than they are with creating a positive gaming environment.

In real life if you see someone committing a crime and negatively disrupting society, you are able to call the cops and have the person arrested. The person then goes to court, where the court determines if they are guilty or not. If they are found guilty they are charged and it becomes a public record since they are a “toxic” member of society. If they are innocent, everything is dropped and they go about their business.

In League of Legends, you call the Riot police (pun intended) using reports or by emailing support. If you use reports you get absolutely zero feedback, and if you send an email, all you get is this: Hello XX, We will investigate your report and take any actions we feel are necessary. Please keep in mind; we cannot disclose any disciplinary actions that may be taken due to privacy reasons. Even if you were unable to use the report feature, please continue to use our in-game reporting system whenever you can. Reports you make provide us with valuable tracking information and help to escalate players to our attention for investigation. Each report brings violators of the Summoner’s Code one step closer to restricted chat or suspension by our investigative audits. Thank you for your patience and for taking time out of your day to send us this report. It is our goal to continue working towards making experiences on the Fields of Justice fair and fun for all Summoners! Please let me know if you have any additional feedback or concerns.

Now if the person is not guilty of trying to intentionally ruin other people’s games, then by all means, don’t send me the result of the investigation. Maybe I’d had a long day at work, or my imaginary cat died, or my sushi wasn’t that good so I was feeling a bit sensitive when I pushed the report button or sent through that email. But if someone is found guilty of being a giant douchebag, why doesn’t Riot disclose the verdict? What aspect of the accused trolls privacy might I be impinging on by telling me something like this if they’re found guilty: “Hello Summoner. Player XX that you reported was found guilty of being a dick, no, can’t say that… idiot, no can’t say that either… toxic player! Thank you for helping make the Fields of Justice a better place!” There is no good reason for them not to do this, and if there is they should tell people why.

I’m honestly sick and tired of coming home after a day at work, having to deal with this (and this is only a fraction of the reports I’ve sent them via email), and then feeling like I’m just wasting my time reporting these players.

Champ Select Troll who repeatedly ignored his teams pleas to play the game properly.
Champ select troll
Champ select troll admits to trolling in chat.
Trolling for his selected lane.
And the verbal abuse comes out.
Feeder or troll. You decide.
Joined game. Fed. Left.
I had no issues with Karthas. But his friend was ruining the game and he seemed ok with it.