Geek Ink Updates: So this update was supposed to go up on Friday, but it looks like it’s going up today instead

Not my usual review content, but here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

Firstly, I’ve been doing a lot of League of Legends related stuff. I am busy putting together an “African League of Legends” channel called, shock and horror, League of Legends in Africa.


I’ve been trying to convince other local players to hope on board so that the content creation side of things is a bit easier, but that’s easier said than done. So far I’ve had a couple of people express some interest, but I haven’t actually gotten anyone who was super excited to get involved (they’re probably too busy actually just playing games). Needless to say, trying to put together a video actually takes a fair amount of time and has been eating a large amount of my time recently.

Secondly, I’ve actually been doing a bit of community coaching for League of Legends. I’m currently hovering around Gold 3 in the League of Legends ranked system, which puts me in approximately the top 16% of players on the European servers. This is pretty damn good considering we play with a disadvantage (about 200 ms lag). Now I’m not exactly claiming to be the best considering the local community has a few players who have hit Diamond (that’s about the top 3% of all players). That being said, I’m still a lot better than most local players and I’m quite happy to record their games and provide them feedback on Youtube (see example below).


If you’re wondering why you can’t see all the coaching videos on either channel, a few people who I’ve coached have been very embarrassed to reveal their skill level and asked me not to make their videos public.

Otherwise I’ve been watching Daredevil and working on a first impressions post. I’ve been trying to add a bit more to it than my usual point form posts, but I’m not sure if it’s working so I may get lazy and revert to my old style. If you don’t want to wait for that post, just go and check out Daredevil. It’s good.

I’ve also been watching a very cool documentary called Project Nim. It’s about an animal research project where they tried to teach a chimpanzee named Nim sign language. I’m about half way through it and it’s been really good so far.

I’ve also written a couple of posts venting my frustration about the Rhodes Must Fall movement, xenophobic attacks, and the situation with our power provider Eskom, but they’re very negative so I’m not going to post them. The reality is that bitching about these things in this space won’t change anything, so I shall refrain from doing so.

Unfortunately I don’t exactly a ton of content to show at this point in regards to my newer projects, but hopefully some of these things will grow into something noteworthy.


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