Readers Den gearing up for Free Comic Book Day 2015!

FCBD 2015

When one of my best friends, Banzai Bob, told me he was getting married the weekend of Free Comic Book Day, my heart skipped a beat. I almost thought he’d made the mistake of scheduling his wedding during the one major event we both look forward to every year. He reassured me shortly after that he since it was a long weekend, he was actually getting married on the Thursday before the event. I thought to myself, “Thank goodness!” I really didn’t know how I was going to carry all the comics I’d have to buy for both of us.

Jokes aside, Readers Den are preparing for what is going to be a massive event. There’s going to be many local artists including the Cotton Star team, They Did This!, Sham Van Dam, Keda Gomes, Kay Carmichael, Milo Wildcat and many more. There will also be plenty of other vendors offering geek inspired goods including Sad Shirts, Kawaii Concept, Sin Bin, and Cape Town Cosplay (just to name a few).

There will also be in-store discounts at the main store, and the usual pop-up store offering a number of titles at a massive discount, on top of the various free events and shows to keep people busy during the day.

For more information you can check out Readers Den main FCBD site, or the Facebook event, as well as a write-up I did for last year’s event.


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