FCBD 2015 Readers Den

I started attending Free Comic Book Day at Readers Den in 2008 and even though the queues keep on getting longer and longer, the event just keeps on getting better and better.

Free Comic Book Day is pretty much THE geek event in Cape Town. The crew from Readers Den pull out all the stops to make the day awesome, and this year was no exception. Sadly I forgot to take along our proper camera so I had to take snaps with my Nokia Lumia 630, which is a less than stellar piece of photographic equipment. Thankfully there were a ton of people taking photos so I have included links to all those albums at the bottom of the page, which I will be updating as more become available.

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Ashraf Hendrick’s Photography

A TON of photos at Webcomics Guide

Glass Onion Cosplay Photos

Bearded Batman visits FCBD 2015 Cape Town

JCB Photography

Jason Eiserman Photos

Tamlin Wightman

Readers Den FCBD 2015 Photo Album 1

Readers Den FCBD 2015 Photo Album 2

Readers Den FCBD 2015 Photo Album 3

Readers Den FCBD 2015 Photo Album 4

Readers Den FCBD 2015 Photo Album 5

Zombie Gamer FCBD 2015

Azadie Abrahams Photos


And many more on the Readers Den event page and on the Cape Town Cosplay page on Facebook!