Geek Ink Updates: No major post today, minor update on work/life/the blog

Just my luck. I would be going away the weekend Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2 open. Thankfully it’s not for another damn funeral.

I’m going to be heading away from the hustle and bustle of the big city this weekend to spend some time with family and friends. I do plan on taking some writing tools with me so that I can get some work done when people get too much and I need to retreat from them.

In addition, this week has been particularly busy, and as a result I won’t be putting up a major post today. I’ve been working on a first impressions piece for Sound: Euphonium but I wasn’t really happy with what I had last night, so I’ll give it a bit of spit and polish on Sunday so that it’s ready for release on Monday.

I have also been chatting to another local blogging group about starting a film podcast, but things are still being worked out so more details on that later.


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