Regular Monday post to arrive on Wednesday

Good day folks! Sorry for missing my scheduled post for the day, but I had a very busy weekend (in-between recovering from the flu, I had many family commitments). I wanted to try and get the post out tomorrow, but my usual Monday evening social engagement ended up with me cooking, so all my spare time went out the window (seriously, I haven’t even touched League of Legends today). At least the food and company was great so no time wasted there. Being so busy, I am setting aside time tomorrow afternoon to get my post done so I can release it on Wednesday. It will most likely be anime themed because I haven’t yet had a chance to see either Mad Max (going on Wednesday) or Pitch Perfect (probably going some time this weekend).


2 thoughts on “Regular Monday post to arrive on Wednesday

  1. Sucks to get behind–I hate it, and I’ve got more of it on the horizon, and somehow I never manage to plan far enough ahead to preserve the illusion that I’m not behind.


    1. Yeah. I thought I would find time on the weekend, but then my flu decided to fight back and take me out of action on Saturday. Sunday was spent with visiting family so no time then either.


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