You’re way out of your league! A Spy Review

spy poster

There was a moment during the first twenty minutes of Spy where I thought to myself “This really got 94% on Rotten tomatoes?”

Spy is the story of Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who’s unexpectedly sent into the field to locate a stolen nuclear bomb.

The Good

  • It’s very funny, sometimes subverting stereotypes and cliches in humerous ways, and other times by not being afraid to get down in the gutter
  • Really cool action scenes
  • Great balance between comedy and action
  • Jason Statham plays a hilarious parody of the type of character he usually plays
  • Melissa McCarthy really draws you in emotionally at times, which is something I wasn’t expecting
  • Rose Bryne does uptight and bitchy extremely well
  • Peter Serafinowicz as Aldo, holy cow, this guy had me in stitches
  • I now really want to see a James Bond movie with Jude Law as Bond
  • The end was also really, really good, and suited this film down to a tee

The OK

  • It’s got a very simple plot, but it’s an action comedy, I wasn’t really expecting much
  • Melissa McCarthy may be a one trick pony (this is her first film that I’ve watched), but if this is her one trick, then it’s pretty good

The Bad

  • There are many moments during the beginning of the film which had me thinking I’d just wasted my money

Final Thoughts

Spy starts off with a nice little spy sequence, but then gets really, really awkward, really, really quickly. The comedy doesn’t work for the most part, with some of the improv really feeling off key, and I really didn’t connect with any of the characters. Most of the main characters annoyed me for a while during the first twenty minutes.

Thankfully, once the Susan Cooper gets out of the office and enters the field, Spy gets much better as it finds its comedic and emotional groove. The jokes and bullets fly thick and fast, but thankfully the film is wonderfully paced so you never feel worn out from either. There are also moments where you actually connect emotionally with Susan, which is something I was never expecting from a film like this. This is probably due to McCarthy’s great performance, which just comes across as honest in a lot of the scenes. The performances of the other actors in this film also needs to be mentioned, as they all do a really great job in each of their respective roles.

Overall, Spy is a fun and funny way to spend a couple of hours, and it occassionally has some actual emotional depth to it. Just be warned, the beginning has issues.


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