Geek Ink Thinks: Geek Ink Version 2 Sneak Peak!


As promised, here’s one of the first new looks I’ve put together for Geek Ink.

Obviously you can see the images in the screenshots look different from the current site, but what exactly is different from the current Geek Ink?


First up is the new menu with new categories. Different people come to Geek Ink for different reasons, and grouping similar content together should make Geek Ink a better experience depending on what you like.


The second big change is the carousel. Not only does it a bit of life to the page, but it also makes it easier to browse the latest content.


Next up is the very accessible and easy to recognise social media icons! I do have social media links on the site currently, but a lot of them are very weird workarounds because I couldn’t put in some simple links like the ones here. These are much nicer and much more noticeable.


One of the big pushes I’m going to make with Geek Ink V2 is to grow a community around this site. Being able to see the latest discussions right on the front page is one of the steps towards that.


More posts right at your fingertips. Again, more content which is easily accessible is one of the things I will be addressing with the update.


A new comment system! Like I said earlier, I really want to grow a community around the site. There’s nothing wrong with the WordPress comment system, except for the fact that most people don’t use it. If you’re part of the WordPress community you do, but a lot of people who are outside of the community use Disqus or Facebook login systems.

And that’s the major changes so far. I’m still trying to figure out some of the plugins, and some of them flat out don’t work except on a website that is up and running. I may also try out some of the themes, although I am pretty happy with this look for the site.

I do warn everyone, don’t expect the new look for the site to go live any time soon. I am most likely to wait for the campers to get off the website address that I actually want, but I may launch the site on its currently domain in late July.


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