Geek Ink Thinks: 12 Movies that I watched more than once at the cinema

Top 12

Some films are so good you really have to watch them more than once on the big screen. Here’s a list of my top 12.

The Incredibles Poster

The Incredibles

The fact that the cinema was close to the university was a pretty big contributing factor to the number of times that I watched The Incredibles. At its heart it’s a story of family, and how we change as we grow up. Even though it slumps a bit before the third act, The Incredibles was so good I watched it seven times at the cinema.



There are many great things about Paranorman, but the ending is still one of the best finales that I have ever seen. I watched this film on a Friday evening on the spur of the moment. I came back the following afternoon to watch it again. Check out my full review here.

The matrix poster

The Matrix

Mind blowing action combined with cutting edge technology in a sci-fi universe unlike any other. The Matrix may have only been pop culture smart but there’s no denying that it made a huge impact. Too bad The Watchowski’s seem to be a one hit wonder… Watched this movie three times over two weeks.

Edge of Tomorrow Poster

Edge of Tomorrow/Live. Die. Repeat.

Tom Cruise. You may love him or hate him, but there’s no denying that Edge of Tomorrow is a fantastic sci-fi action film. The only let down was the ending, which got the Hollywood treatment. Watched it with a couple of friends and decided to watch it the next weekend when I had some time to kill. Check out my full review here.

Enchanted poster


Enchanted was a film I watched because I was bored and had nothing better to do. I was really surprised when it turned out to be a Disney movie where they poke fun at themselves. This was also the movie where I developed my first celebrity crush. She can sing, she can act, and well, by now most people know I have a thing for redheads. If Amy Adams were ever interested I would not say no. Saw it before work (this was when I worked evenings) during the week. Saw it again on the weekend.

kung fu panda poster

Kung Fu Panda

I was very excited for Kung Fu Panda, and thankfully I wasn’t let down. It still has one of the most amazing training sequences ever, is surprisingly emotionally deep movie at times, and has a fantastic ending, even if the moral of the movie is fairly simplistic. I got lucky and spotted an early screening the Sunday before opening, and saw it again when it opened a few days later.

Pacific Rim movie poster

Pacific Rim

I dig. Giant robots. You dig. Giant robots. Chicks dig. Giant robots! Yeah! Pacific Rim has a hugely problematic story, but the production values, special effects, and ridiculous robot-on-robot action made this movie amazing. You had to see this in the cinema to get the best experience, which is what I did. Twice. Check out my full review here.

40 year old virgin poster

40 Year Old Virgin

I loved this movie. It was raunchy and sometimes had some pretty low-brow toilet humour, but it showed surprising depth towards the end of the film. Saw it twice with two different groups of friends.

iron man poster

Iron Man

The movie that started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man is still one of the best MCU films. A great combination of comedy and action, this film was also catapulted to greatness by Robert Downey Junior’s amazing portrayal of Tony Stark. I watched this three times over three weeks.

the artist larger poster

The Artist

The Artist proved everyone wrong by creating an amazing piece of cinema using all the trademarks of a silent film from the 20’s. It was also an amazing character piece and featured some of the most imaginative cinematography that I’d seen in a while. Saw this on a Friday at Cinema Nouveau Cavendish (RIP), and saw it again by myself on the Sunday. Check out my full review here.

the intouchables movie poster

The Intouchables

The Intouchables is a film that caught me completely off guard. An intensely personal story about two men from different sides of the tracks, and how they grow and learn from each other. Another movie that may not have been so good, if not for the performance of Omar Sy, who dominates every scene he’s in with his portrayal of the charismatic Driss. Watched it with a friend on a Friday night, and saw it again the following weekend.


Inside Out

And the movie that inspired this post. Inside Out is a film by Pete Docter, the director of Up. This movie will move you in ways that very few films manage to do, and only gets better with multiple viewings. I saw this on a Sunday evening a couple of weeks back, and watched it again the following Thursday. I was almost tempted to watch it again last weekend, but thought I’d cried enough for one week. Check out my full review here.

And this is my list of my top 12 movies that I watched more than once at the cinema! Are there any movies that you watched multiple times at the cinema? Feel free to add your comments here or on Facebook!


2 thoughts on “Geek Ink Thinks: 12 Movies that I watched more than once at the cinema

  1. While there are certainly many films I’ve watched over and over again, I can’t recall too many I’ve gone to see more than once at the cinema. To the best of my recollection these would be The Fifth Element, Saving Private Ryan, and the Kingdom of Heaven. Probably because most of the time I had to schlep quite some distance to get to a cinema…


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