Meat’s almost a sport in Texas – A Forks Over Knives Review


All documentaries have an “agenda”. Sometimes those agendas are very self-serving, and sometimes they make us think about changing what we consider to be normal. Does Forks Over Knives convince you to put down that knife and pick up that fork?

Forks Over Knives takes a look at the western diet, which is based a lot on animal products, and asks the question, “Is this actually what we need to be eating?”

The Good

  • Offers an interesting argument with (seemingly) good evidence to back it up
  • Not obviously biased
  • Well paced and focused
  • A subject like this could be very dry, but the documentary manages to keep you engaged from start to finish

The OK

  • It is a 2011 documentary, but some of the graphics they use to get their point across look pretty bad
  • It would have been nice to see more of the other side of the argument, even if the research does seem to be pretty solid

The Bad

  • Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a pain to review documentaries, because you have to try and decipher whether the creators are ignoring arguments that could pull their idea apart, essentially turning them into propaganda films. The basic argument with Forks Over Knives is that Westerners eat too much meat and animal products. Unfortunately, I am not a nutritionist so I cannot comment about the accuracy of some of their studies, but they offer a number of pieces of research that do back up their claims.

Ultimately, Forks Over Knives is an interesting and engaging documentary. I personally have been having some health issues which may be contributed to the fact that I no longer exercise regularly, while I still eat pretty much anything I want. This documentary has, at very least, made me seriously think about what I eat.


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