Geek Ink Updates: Ah damn it! Why’s this writing thing so hard!

I started two posts that I had planned to release today, and ended up having to scrap both of them. The first one was critiquing what looked like a money paywall in a game I’d already paid for, but turned out to be a grinding paywall (instead of spending money to get around it, you have to spend a certain amount of time playing the game). I’d written about half of the post when I decided to do some fact checking and discovered my facts weren’t so accurate.

The second post was a first impressions post for Gravity Falls season two, which I’m not loving as much as the first one. The problem is, I can’t really put my finger on why that’s the case, so I’ve had to temporarily put that post on ice as well.

So instead I’m going to release a first episodes impressions post of some of the new anime I’m watching, but that will only be ready on Thursday. Apologies for the delay!


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