Fun Fridays with Geek Ink

Fun Fridays with Geek Ink Placeholder


This week we try to find the truth with two Honest Trailers, try to solve the toilet paper mystery, get real with My Pale Skin, and dooits with Youtuber Spazzie!

Batman: Arkham Knight Honest Trailer

Iron Man Honest Trailer

Who destroyed the toilet paper?

The Internet can be a nasty place…

Spazie and the CG farts try some unorthodox strategies in League of Legends


2 thoughts on “Fun Fridays with Geek Ink

    1. Yeah. I’ve seen more of their trailers for movies than I have actual movies (mostly because I’ll watch a funny trailer of a stinker, but I won’t waste my time watching an entire bad movie).

      The guy who voices the trailers is also fantastic! He’s got a small Youtube channel… I should feature some of his work as well.


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