Geek Ink Chats: Cosplay Cape Town Team and the Enchanted Forest Cosplay Ball

Cosplay Cape Town Ball
Today we chat to Baka Sakura, a local cosplayer and one of the organisers of Cape Town’s first cosplay ball.

GI: Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the cosplay group you are a part of?

BS: Hi, I’m Baka Sakura. I am part of a cosplay group in Cape Town that organises cosplay events/ get-togethers. We are called Cosplay Cape Town Team, or CCTT for short. Lol.

GI: How long have you guys been running the group?

BS: 2012 / 2013 I think? Sasha Perdigao originally started organising these events, but due to the community’s rapid growth rate, she needed more hands. Since then, the group has constantly added new members (and unfortunately some people had to leave, due to personal obligations) but it’s been really fun so far regardless. We do this in our spare time, so obviously your actual job (and personal life) has to come first.

GI: How many people are involved with managing it?

BS: 7 people. We are currently a group of 3 girls and 4 guys: Natalie Leaver, Bea van Soelen, Baka Sakura, Kevin Goble, Jaydon van der Gent, Justin Runyowa and Ubersan.

GI: What other events have you guys been involved in?

BS: We organise the Cosplay Cape Town picnics hosted at Kirstenbosch about 4 times a year. We have also been involved with Japan Day for the last 3 years, as well as various smaller events.

GI: I’ve been to a number of these events, and every time there seems to be more and more people getting into the cosplay scene. Do you think that maybe one day there will be enough people to have our own cosplay convention in Cape Town or Joburg?

BS: Well, that’s the dream! Ideally we want our own rAge in Cape Town, and I think with EGE that just happened in May, it might realise sooner than we think.

GI: And how do you think we compare to the overseas cosplayers?

BS: I think we have a long way to go. But we have grown so much in such a small period of time. We have a lot to learn, but damn are we eager! We’ve got amazing potential, and every year the level of our skill just astounds me more and more.

Cosplay Picnic 10 30
Cosplayers gather for a group photo at one of the summer cosplay picnics.

GI: Moving onto the main reason why we are here: the cosplay ball. What spawned the idea for the ball?

BS: Ah yes. I attended KinCon 2014 in JHB, and after the one day of the 2-day Con, there was a ball being hosted as well. Since then, we wanted a ball in Cape Town too! The idea of a formal cosplay get-together has always been a fantasy, so we thought: “Hey, why not.”

GI: Have there been any major problems with getting the event off the ground?

BS: I think mostly because we are new at this, it was quite a big leap of faith to get this thing happening properly. Planning took months and we had to take a lot of religious / dietary requirements into account. Finding a reasonably priced venue that was actually available, was quite a challenging task.

GI: Are there any other groups or companies involved with the ball?

BS: Nope, just us 🙂 I know… we are MAD!

GI: What can people expect to be different about the cosplay ball, as opposed to a regular ball? Is it only the cosplay aspect or is it also the music or maybe the food?

BS: Well the whole thing, from decor to the food, is completely themed. We went with “Enchanted Forest” and let’s just say we are attempting to make it as immersive as possible. We are hoping people will join in on the theme with their cosplay choices, to enrich the whole woodland experience even more.

GI: Can you give me a bit of the sample of the playlist so people have an idea what to expect?

BS: We are literally playing a little bit of everything. You can expect anime/game/movie soundtracks, latest radio hits, as well as some epic old school jams.

GI: Are there any surprises that you guys have in store that you might want to accidentally let slip about here?

BS: Shhhh, mum’s the word. (Just know it’s going to rock your world).

For more information be sure to check out the event page on Facebook, and if you’re a local who’s into cosplay, be sure to join the Cape Town Cosplay group here.


3 thoughts on “Geek Ink Chats: Cosplay Cape Town Team and the Enchanted Forest Cosplay Ball

    1. I live in Cape Town but I’m super broke, so I won’t be attending either 😦

      I’d also need a major upgrade to my wardrobe…


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