Geek Ink Updates: A temporary new look, and a Patreon page update!

There’s a number of things I wanted to chat about today regarding the future of Geek Ink. Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere, but I have had to put some stuff aside temporarily.

Firstly, I wanted more of my content to be accessible to readers without having to scroll as much as they used to on my old theme. This new theme seems to do the job for now, but there are still things I want to change which requires me to do a refresher course on the HTML coding I learnt, and then keep on going until I learn the CSS that I need to know.

I also want to move over to a new host, but that’s going to wait until I have the domain name that I want and some cash to spare. Things are quite tight at the moment due to the basic cost of living going up in good old South Africa so things like hosting fees and such are not an option at the moment.

That is, unless you decide to support me on my newly updated Patreon page! I trimmed it down quite a bit so that it focuses primarily on the content I produce here. Which, while we’re on the subject, is also getting a bit of a change. Thursdays will become the day that I remind all you lovely folk that I do have a Patreon page, and I could do with some support if you can afford it (even a dollar a month is welcome), as well as an update on things going on in other aspects of my life (such as the Triggerfish Story Lab, which will be consuming a lot of my time for the next few weeks).

But that’s it for now folks! See you soon!



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