Fun Fridays with Geek Ink


The T800 goes undercover as Arnold Schwarzenegger, we get Man of Steel in technicolor, Leonard Maltin critiques being a critic, Peace Pigeon edits his life, and we see some crazy bike stunts!

Arnold pranks people as the Terminator

What if Man of Steel was in colour?

While Marvel allows their movies to vary in tone, DC has decided on gritty and edgy for all their films, regardless of if it suits the movie or not.

An evening with Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin in an American writer and film critic. He discusses how he became known for his views on film, and how things have changed.

Edit my life with Peace Pigeon

Peace Pigeon is a well know Youtuber in the League of Legends community. His editing work is top notch.

Bike Porn

A friend of mine posted this up and I just had to share it. The level of skill to pull this off is insane!


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