Comedy = Tragedy/Time – A That’s Not Funny Review

That's not funny poster
I was in a pretty down mood this weekend so I decided to do a search for funny documentaries.  A completely free documentary called That’s Not Funny popped up on Google, so I decided to take a look at it.

That’s Not Funny takes a look at the backlash against certain types of humour in the American comedy scene.

The Good

  • Good pacing
  • Intellectually stimulating and interesting topic for discussion
  • Well edited and shot considering this is a low budget production
  • Thoroughly researched and well thought out argument, even if it’s simply from a fan’s perspective

The OK

  • Lacks the edutainment element that a lot of modern documentaries go for, coming across as quite dry in comparison
  • Due to its low budget nature, no actual comedians are brought in to discuss the issue

The Bad

  • Some people will probably be put off by the uncharismatic presenter (to cut the guy some slack, this doesn’t seem to be something he trained for)

Final Opinion

That’s Not Funny isn’t a documentary in the style of most modern documentaries. It’s fairly dry, and comes across as more of a visual essay (this is even reflected by the dividing of the film into chapters discussing different ideas). This may sound off-putting to some of you, but as an analysis of the American comedy scene in visual form, it’s actually pretty good. It looks at comedy all the way from the early vaudeville roots, to modern satirical shows like South Park. Unfortunately it’s not as emotionally engaging as some of the documentaries I’ve watched, but I’m actually pretty sure it doesn’t embellish on the facts it presents (I’m looking at your Searching for Sugarman).

Overall, That’s Not Funny is an intellectually interesting documentary that’s only slightly let down by its presenter’s obvious lack of experience.

For those of you who are interested, here’s the film in its (legally) free form.


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