Guess who’s back? An update on the last few weeks

I know I said I’d be back to blogging at the start of this month, but the last three weeks of August burnt me out, so I took a couple of weeks off to recover. Here’s a quick update on what I got up to.

The last time I checked in I was working on submissions for the Triggerfish story lab. Over the last three weeks of August I developed several concepts, three of which I put on the backburner. Two of these concepts were simply too dark for what Triggerfish was looking for (one story was about a character who chose to stand up to a society which functioned entirely on violence) so there was no way I could pitch these two ideas.

Another concept that I shelved is a fantasy story I’ve been working on for a long time, and would have probably been a very good match for Triggerfish’s audience. The thing is, I simply can’t imagine it as a computer animated film. No matter how much I work on this story it always remains a traditionally animated film, specifically in the Studio Ghibli style. The likelihood of this story ever been seen by someone at Ghibli is pretty much zero, but I really can’t picture this story being made by any other studio (yet).

I continued to work on these stories until the final week, where I decided to scrap everything and start developing something specifically for Triggerfish’s requirements. I settled on a sci-fi/action concept (with room for comedy to be added) and worked on that. Naturally it evolved a lot as I worked on it, and I ended up with a story that was heavier than I originally expected. It was no where near as grim as my other concepts, but the core story was definitely in line with some of the darker elements of Pixar/Disney stories like The Incredibles or The Lion King. I still felt it was a solid foundation to work from (and I had nothing else to show anyway) so I sent it along on the final day.

After I submitted my Storylab project, I took it pretty easy. A lot of my free time went into catching up on anime, reading, and playing Rocket League with some buddies of mine.

A few days later I heard about a talk being hosted by Triggerfish so I decided to make a plan to get there. Thankfully it was in the early evening so I could catch a train in, and then my brother would be able to pick me up since it was wrapping up at a reasonable hour. I met Stuart Forrest from Triggerfish and we chatted a bit about what I’d been up to over the last few years. After his talk he was kind enough to offer me a lift home since he was heading in my direction. We talked shop and just chatted a bit about movies on the way home, and he told me to pop by the studio and come check things out, which is, needless to say, pretty damn awesome.

On a more personal note, there’s been a (very positive) change in my private life, but it’s still early days so we have to see how that goes. It’s not something I’m going to go into detail about here, but I have no doubt it’s going to affect my art/writing/work so I felt like I should mention it here.

I also want to go into detail about my plans for the blog, but I’m going to cover that in a separate post. I need to talk quite openly about the reality of Geek Ink and that’s going to mean talking a lot about stats. Right now it’s too late in the evening for me to be thinking about numbers so that’s it for today.

I’ll be back in a few days to chat about the future of the blog so stay tuned for my next update! 


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