Where to from here Geek Ink?

While my blog is still fairly decent by South African standards, the reality is that monetising it through traditional channels would bring in maybe enough cash to cover my costs at an absolute best. Let’s break down how things work here at Geek Ink.

Geek Ink started in 2009 as a blog where I rarely ever posted. I usually wrote about once a month and there was absolutely no focus in terms of the content. My grand total in terms of hits for 2009 was 732 hits. Over 2010 and 2011 my stats slowly crept up even though I was horribly inconsistent. By the end of 2011 I managed to crack just under 1000 hits.

2012 was the year everything changed.

In 2012 I started to blog more regularly and one of my League of Legends posts basically went “viral”. My total posts for the year tipped just over 9200.

Needless to say this was quite a big leap and inspired me to create more content. 2013 saw my traffic increase to almost 23 000 hits. 2014 didn’t leap up just as much, but still increased to almost 28000 hits. My blog now averages out at a fairly health 50-70 hits per day based purely on the current content.

So my blog is growing right? Yes, but it’s not the entire blog that is growing.

“Tent pole” posts

Every year it’s clear to see that the majority of my posts pass by relatively unnoticed. However, in and amongst these “unpopular” pieces, occasionally a post rises to the top. Usually, this is one of my tech reviews. In 2013 it was my MSI Windpad review that drew in the crowds. In 2014 (and what’s passed of 2015) it’s my Sinotec review. My MSI post drew in 4395 hits out of a total of 22970 (19.1% of my total traffic) in 2013. My Sinotec review post drew in 2201 hits out of 27907 (7.8% of my total traffic, which is much less than the previous year but still double the next post in terms of hits) in 2014. The same Sinotec post has drawn in 4107 hits out of 20982 ( 19.6% of my total traffic) in 2015, and the year isn’t even finished yet.

Which leaves me wondering what will become my next tent pole post? Will I even have another tent pole post?

The reality is I don’t know the answer to this question. Thanks to these tent pole posts, all I know for certain is that a tech site that reviews low end hardware for African and Asian markets would probably work. Unfortunately I don’t have the time, energy, or financial resources to make this happen (yet).

So what’s next?

I’m thinking about cutting back on the energy I put into this space, unless there’s something really important I have to say. I still enjoy the film reviews so that’s something I definitely plan on getting back to for my Monday release. My Wednesday releases can be somewhat hit or miss in terms of subject matter and how much it interests me, and my Friday posts are basically just filler, so I plan to move my Wednesday post to a Friday, and to dump the Youtube Friday post. This way I’ll have more time to create a more in-depth writeup, whatever the subject matter is.

Unfortunately, it may still be a couple of weeks until I can get back into my old rhythm. Work has been keeping me very busy recently (I stayed late on Friday and even went in for a few hours this last Sunday afternoon), and as I mentioned earlier, there are aspects of my social life which are devouring a lot of energy (in a good way).

So I shall return, just don’t expect it to be overnight.


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