Geek Ink Updates: Overtime, no longer single, and Triggerfish!

I have some time and, most importantly, energy to spare today, so here’s the low down.

As you could no doubt tell, I’ve been doing a number of extra hours at work recently. Normally I avoid doing overtime since I’m only a part-time employee and I don’t get bonuses based on how productive I am. However, a couple of my projects had some pretty major issues (partially my fault, partially not my fault) so I’ve been putting in some extra time to make up for it. However, I feel like I’ve literally “done my time” so I’m going back to my usual routine starting today.

Considering this information is up on my personal Facebook page, I may as well let you guys know as well: I now have a girlfriend. She’s someone¬†I’ve known and liked for a while now, but I didn’t think a girl like her would be interested in a guy like me. Like any good romance story, she’s also been interested for a while but thought a guy like me wouldn’t be interested in a girl like her. To cut a long story short, at a friends party I finally realised that the feeling was mutual (she still hadn’t clicked that I liked her back yet), which was followed by two very confusing weeks (turns out when a girl says you should hang out together, it’s not always a subtle way for her to ask you on a date), until finally I had the chance to get her alone and officially ask her out.

So now I have a relationship to tend to, and of course, this takes time. This time has to come from somewhere, and one of the few areas I can afford to cut into is my blogging time.¬†Having said that, I just want to make sure people know this: I’m not going to stop blogging. I’m just having to shift some of the time I would normally spend here, to my awesome significant other. Naturally, this is very likely to affect my release schedule depending on when my girlfriend and I find time to spend together so unfortunately things might be inconsistent for a while.

In other news, Triggerfish are announcing the top 20 Storylab submissions this week. I worked pretty damn hard and would love to make it into the top 20, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up. They had over 1300 submissions, so even though I believe my work is good, my chances are pretty slim (especially considering some of the competition). Even if I don’t make it, I have already met the CEO of Triggerfish at a talk, followed by a very informal lunch meeting at the studio, so at very least I’m on their radar even if the Storylab doesn’t pan out.

Still, it would be nice to at least make the top 20 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Otherwise I am working on another comics project (it’s still very early days), and a review for The Martian, which I saw last week. If you want to know what I thought of it you’re going to have to check in tomorrow to find out. See you then!


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