You hear any ROFLcopters, son? A Video Game High School Season One Review


I’ve been out of action for most of this week thanks to the flu, so I haven’t seen any new movies. I did however rewatch Video Game High School recently with my girlfriend, and it dawned on me that I haven’t posted a review about this great show.

Video Game High School, or VGHS, is the story of Brian D, a gamer who unknowingly takes down the number one first person shooter gamer in the world in a public match. This puts Brian D in the headlines and grants him automatic entry to VGHS, a school for only the most gifted of gamers.

The Good

  • This show is completely free on Youtube
  • Despite featuring a number of Youtubers and no-name actors, the acting is surprisingly really good
  • Nice variety of characters (even if some of them are obviously caricatures)
  • Great balance between action, comedy, and romance
  • Mostly good special effects by Freddie Wong and his crew, most of which have aged surprisingly well
  • It’s really funny!
  • By gamers for gamers
  • Wraps up the plot for season one in season one

The OK

  • The odd cheap looking effect here and there

The Bad

  • May not be your cup of tea if you’re not a gamer

Final Thoughts

Video Game High School is a fun, light, and incredibly entertaining show about gamers and video gaming. The only problem with the show is that if you don’t play video games or are part of the subculture, some of the jokes and references will undoubtedly fly over your head.


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