Geek Ink Updates: My health has been on a see-saw for the last couple of weeks

I’ve watched a lot of interesting shows and movies over the last few days. Too bad that’s because I’ve been sick in bed.

Without going into details, I had a minor issue come up a few weeks ago. Saw the doctor who gave me some meds to treat it. This seemed to be going fine until last week. I felt a bit under the weather but didn’t think too much of it until last week Wednesday when a new set of symptoms appeared. Went to the doctor again on Thursday morning only to discover they needed a urine sample to confirm what was wrong.

Guess who’d gone to the bathroom less than half an hour before the doctor’s appointment?

I thought I could solve this problem fairly quickly, so I drank about half a litre of water, followed by half a litre of coke, thinking this would speed things up a bit. After waiting at the clinic for over an hour, I eventually gave up and asked if it was possible for me to bring them the sample later. I was supplied with the necessary tools and sent on my way.

I walked to the station, waited fifteen minutes for the train, and guess what happens less than two minutes after I get on?

Yes, my bladder decided that now that I was essentially trapped (you don’t want to know what the public toilets are like at most of the stops on the way to Cape Town), now was the time that I needed to go.

Through sheer force of will I managed to hold back the tide for twenty minutes until I got to Cape Town. I was hoping I could make it to the (relatively) clean office bathrooms, but as soon as the train stopped I knew this wasn’t going to happen. I found the first open stall in the train station toilets, and with a huge sigh of relief, collected the urine sample that my doctor needed. It dawned on me shortly after this that I would soon be walking the streets of Cape Town with a container of piss in my bag.

I got to the office and dug around my desk drawer for something to ensure that no accidents happened on the way back to the doctor’s office and found a couple of fruit bags. I firmly secured the container and finished what work I could for the day.

Later in the afternoon I returned to the clinic and headed straight to the nurses who would be waiting for me and the contents of my container. They took my properly secured sample from me and ran some tests. While this was going on I was placed outside my doctor’s office and told to wait. She finished not too long after the nurse dropped off the results of my test with her.

My urine had no issues, and so further tests would have to be done. Thankfully these tests identified the source, if not the exact cause, of the problem, and I was prescribed a fairly heavy dose of antibiotics. Since I’ve been on these antibiotics my health has improved, but my energy levels are a fraction of what they usually are, meaning I spent almost my entire weekend lying on my bed watching series, movies, and anime.

So I now have a massive backlog of content to review, but it’s going to have to wait as I am still pretty wrecked. The only reason I even did this update is that I’m currently at work between projects and plan to go home and pass the hell out (or attempt to since we have guys fixing the bathroom) as soon as I get there. If I was at home I’d be allowing my body the necessary time it needs to kick whatever this infection is in the butt.

Anyway, that’s it for now folks. My body is returning to normal, but it’s still on the mend so I won’t be posting anything until I feel like less of a zombie.


4 thoughts on “Geek Ink Updates: My health has been on a see-saw for the last couple of weeks

    1. Thanks man. It’s been a bit up and down but I seem to (slowly) be improving. The worst thing has been the lack of energy for anything that’s been super frustrating!


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