When in Rome, do as the Romans do – A Plebs Season One and Two Review

Plebs Poster

One of the “upsides” of my topsy-turvy health at the moment is that I have spent a lot of time just lying in bed watching series. One of the series that I watched was the unexpectedly excellent Plebs.

Plebs could be the story of three very different young men who’ve recently moved to the big city. However, one of these young men is a slave and the big city they’ve recently moved to is ancient Rome.

The Good

  • It’s hilarious
  • Great ensemble of characters
  • Excellent performances from everyone involved
  • Well written and has some unexpected (if occasionally off-colour) twists and turns
  • It does use a fairly formulaic structure, but this worked for, rather than against, the show

The OK

  • WARNING: This show will not suit everyone’s tastes and very occasionally touches on some taboo subjects

The Bad

  • Nothing really (unless you find the show’s humour distasteful)

Final Thoughts

I don’t watch a lot of British comedy, even though I usually have a great time when I do. Plebs thankfully doesn’t disappoint in this regard, and I thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of this unusual British show.

Plebs, despite it being set in ancient times, feels like an off-beat modern comedy. It also manages to exploit this concept beautifully, whether it’s a jab at the kinkier side of orgies, gladiator fights, or the unusual religious practices of the day.

And one cannot talk about Plebs without talking about the characters that inhabit the show. A sex maniac, Stylax, a lazy idiotic slave, Groomio, and a selfish average joe, Marcus, are our three extremely flawed protagonists. Their paths often cross with two young ladies who’ve recently moved from Britain, their sleazy landlord, their slave-driving boss, and the company water boy, I mean, water man, with hilarious results.

If there is anything I have to say about Plebs (just in case the giant WARNING above wasn’t clear enough), is that Plebs isn’t afraid to touch on some very… unusual subject matter. You’ll find out by the end of the first episode if this show will appeal to you or not, but if you lean towards conservative taste/views, you probably want to give this show a skip.

Overall, I loved Plebs with it’s extremely off-beat sense of humour and great mix of characters, as well as how brilliantly the writers were able to exploit the Roman setting while still making it feel like a modern show.



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