Geek Ink Updates: Okay 2015, that’s a wrap!

No, neither the blog or I am dead. The last few months have just been incredibly busy, and 2016 is not going to be letting up.

I will probably go into more detail in the future, but the last couple of months have been far from my usual routine. What’s been keeping me so busy?

  • Applying for a post-graduate diploma
  • Health issues
  • Social commitments

Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology

Look, anyone who lives in South Africa knows things might go to shit. This has been the case for the entire duration of President Zuma’s stint as president, and the idiot is only making things worse. Now while I do have an Honours in Media, I feel like I needed something that makes me way more employable overseas. Combining my years of technical writing experience (part time or otherwise) with this diploma should ensure that if I decide to emigrate, I will have a fighting chance at finding a reasonable job.

My application is going smoothly at this point and I am through to the third (and final?) stage.

Health issues

Seriously. I went from cold/flu to infection to cold/flu again, and I am still having mild symptoms of my infection every once in a while, as well as other digestive issues. There was a period of about 8 weeks where I was almost constantly sick (or I felt that way because of the meds I was on). At the moment I’m not feeling terrible, but there are some issues I need to get addressed.

Social commitments

I spent a significant part of the end of last year trying to touch base with everyone I knew, and I still didn’t get to see half the people I wanted to see. I feel like I need to eat 24 Bar Ones so I can get an extra 24 hours in my day.


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