Geek Ink Updates: Relationships are complicated

This is for all my friends who may not have heard the news yet, but as of Friday afternoon, I am again single.

Those of you who’ve known me for a while and are expecting a long and deep investigation into my emotions, as I have done in the past when I have experienced other major emotional upheavals, I won’t be going into the details. I care about and respect the other person involved too much to do that to them. I just want people to know that I initiated it because I do not deal with certain kinds of stress very well, and sadly I found myself unable to cope beyond a certain point. My reactions to certain kinds of stress are┬ácommon knowledge if you’ve read this blog for long enough, even if the articles are not available for public consumption any more, or have been my friend in particular periods of my life.

At the end of all of this, I can only say this: when two people with their own feelings and their own histories come together, no matter how much they want it to, sometimes these things don’t work out. No matter how much we want to believe in romance and love, these are not the only things that keep a couple together.

Now unfortunately I don’t have time to mourn, I have readings and an assigment to complete for tomorrow. I shall also try to get my Hateful Eight review out as soon as possible.


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