Deadpool Poster

Every once in a while a movie comes along that completely meets your expectations. Deadpool is one of those movies.

Deadpool is the story of not-so-nice but still nice guy Wade Wilson. A thug for hire, Wade often takes jobs that his less kind-hearted associates won’t. After meeting the love of his life, Wade discovers he has cancer, and in order to prevent a very painful, very early demise, signs up for a experimental superhero development program. Unfortunately for Wade, this program is run by some very, very bad people.

The Good

  • It embraces its R-rating and runs with it
  • It’s not only funny, but the comedy is actually really, really, smart
  • Extremely well paced and better than expected story
  • Some suprising depth when it comes to certain characters
  • Great action sequences
  • Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool
  • Good performances from the supporting cast (special mention goes to T. J. Miller and Morena Baccarin)

The OK

  • Some of the effects aren’t so great, which is to be expected considering this film doesn’t have anywhere near the budget that most Marvel films have
  • A couple of the characters weren’t particularly fleshed out, but they served their purpose

The Bad

  • Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Final Thoughts

I was really excited about Deadpool after I saw the first trailer. The amazing viral marketing campaign (which involved some off the wall posters and getting Golden Girl’s Betty White to promote the movie) didn’t help matters and I found myself actively having to lower my expectations the closer it came to release date.

Well it turns out that I didn’t have to because Deadpool is GREAT! Sure, it’s not the kind of movie that will change your view on life, but it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys tripping on MDMA. It’s raunchy, it’s violent, it’s emotionally engaging (we’re not talking Forrest Gump here folks), and it’s so, so much fun!

Overall, if you like comic book movies, and you want something with cool action and more than a bit of edgy comedy, be sure to check out Deadpool.

P.S. My Hateful Eight write-up will be along later in the coming week.